Water Damage Contributing to Allergies

Posted on: August 29, 2016 by in Water Damage
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Water damage effects to floor FloridaIt’s paramount to identify the signs of water damage early on because the cost of water damage restoration can quickly get out of hand if the problem is not tackled on time.

Apart from the financial ramifications of leaving water damage unattended, it also has serious harmful effects on your family that’s inhabiting the property. To better equip yourself on how to handle water damage, here’s some valuable information that would be of help.

Broken pipes are usually the cause of leak damage when you cannot identify an apparent source of damage.

Moisture causes mold and moisture in the wall cavities can trigger mold creation within a short span of forty-eight hours. Mold has been known to cause some severe health issues especially for the very young and the very old. Problems associated with mold include allergic rhinitis, asthma, pneumonitis and allergic bronchitis.

Major Signs of Water Damage in a Home


If you hear the sound of dripping water but can’t identify the source of it, is a sign of water damage. Sometimes the area that’s got the dripping sound also has a foul order too.

Standing Water

Standing water is a pretty visible indicator of severe damage that’s occurring in your house. Reach a professional immediately for help in this scenario. Early clean-up ensures avoiding mold and rot.

Water Bill Increase

Has your water bill suddenly started to spike and you cannot account for it? This may be a sign of hidden water damage due to a leaked pipe.

Paint Damage

Falling paint is a symptom of severe water damage that’s in the advanced stages and needs to be dealt with immediately.


Check the walls and ceiling and look for stains. It’s an excellent indicator that the house is suffering from a long term water leak problem. This issue may require drywall replacement.

RestorationDamageBannerBowing Ceilings

Bowing ceilings are an extremely urgent matter to take care of and indicate water damage.

There are a lot of professional products you can purchase off the market that can detect water damage. Products such as sump pump float, leak sensors and shut-off valves are examples of such.

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