Types of Water Damage, Cleaning and Restoration

Posted on: August 15, 2016 by in Water Damage
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Floor water damage FloridaWater damage is an issue that’s faced worldwide. Typically, when you envision water damage, you see water everywhere and stuff floating in it. In reality, the problem is much more than that because the damage that water inflicts on your house and life are severe. The process of clean-up and restoration is very arduous, and it demands quick, immediate action on the behalf of the homeowner. Not doing so can result in severe damage to your property and belongings. The amount and severity of the damage inflicted on the house depend on the type of water damage that’s affecting the home.

If you happen to live in an area which is disaster prone, then you should take special care and implement some basic methods that ensure you never face water damage problems. Usually, the water damage that is caused by natural disasters like storms and floodings is more damaging than the accidents like pipe leaks. The natural disasters are something not under your control, and we have to play the waiting game and let this settle down. You would start the restoration process immediately after the disaster is over. Obey the guidelines laid out by the Met department and follow their directions to start the clean up process after the rain recedes.

Two of the worse natural disasters to hit your property are tsunamis and hurricanes. If your house has been affected by any of these, you should consult an engineer and get their thoughts on the safety of your home. Naturally, the clean-up and restoration process for disasters of this magnitude would be more challenging than minor pipe leaks. You can also take advantage of government-run rehabilitation programs that are run for disaster stuck areas.

RestorationDamageBannerIf your property gets water damage as a result of drain water, take steps to get rid of it as soon as you can because waste water will not only affect your property but your health too. As you may know, the drain water contains contaminants and has an abundant quantity of harmful micro-organisms and bacteria. It’s better to take help of professionals who have got the proper gear to protect themselves from the hazardous waste water instead of doing the restorative process yourself.

You can take on minor water damage issues like a bust kitchen pipe if you are confident that the water isn’t contaminated. If you feel the severity of the problem is above your capabilities, go ahead and call a professional for help.

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