The Hidden Dangers That Often Accompany Water Damage

Posted on: September 2, 2016 by in Water Damage
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Kitchen water damage restoration FloridaWater damage is a serious issue which can sometimes be taken lightly by the homeowners. It can start from a minuscule thing like a leaked pipe, and it can also be triggered by momentous natural disasters like a flooding. The key to minimizing water damage is to take quick action to remediate and clean-up. If swift and timely action isn’t taken then there are big chances of damage to your property as well as the health of the house occupants.

Sometimes, the water damage is not visible to the naked eye. A pipe can cause it within a wall or underneath your carpet. Hidden water damage can cause a lot of harm to your property’s structure. It can also cause mold. Get a professional to inspect your house thoroughly if you see any signs of water damage.

Water damage, if untreated, can be an enormous threat to the health. Mold and bacteria growth in your household will contaminate the air supply. If this happens, quickly seal off the entire area having water damage and have an expert inspect your house immediately.

Mold can be very tricky to deal with because it’s very elusive as well as highly dangerous. It’s sometimes referred to as a ‘silent killer’ because it triggers harmful diseases and allergies. Allergic reactions to mold may include a runny nose, itchy eyes, nausea, dizziness, headaches and respiratory problems. Kids and older people are on a greater risk of developing asthma and other allergy related problems due to mold.

Other serious issues that may include bleeding lungs, cholera, cancer, and typhoid fever may also result from mold. These are life threatening diseases, and so it’s highly recommended to eradicate mold from your home very early on before it starts causing danger to your health.

Apart from health issues, you will also face damage to the structure of your house. Floods and leaks have a bad effect on the structure of your house. The ceilings and walls can sag. Woodwork also gets ruined due to water damage. Untreated walls, floors, and ceilings can even collapse at any time due to the damage incurred by water.

RestorationDamageBanner2Water damage can cause electrical issues when it enters the walls and messes with the electrical wiring system of the house. This can cause an electrical fire, and it can even cause electrocution. Make sure to stay clear of electrical threats if you discover water damage in your home.

It is best to deal with water damage within 24 hours as a quick action can result in the safety of your family as well as the minimization of water damage to your house.

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